Boden is the capital city of this region. Most trade and civil business is dealt with here. Pop ~6000

Origins/ History
Boden was founded centuries ago next to the only oasis in the region. The city was constructed using ruble from Sturzen and local building materials. The population base grew for several centuries before expeditions set up other settlements in the region.
The harsh situation of the environment and constant harassment from demons and other monsters has created the need for a civilian militia. The only formal education that is mandatory is military. Children from the ages of 10 to 13 are taught how to fight alone and in groups, so the whole population has an understanding of weapons and fighting.
The distribution of races heavily favors humans. Humans are the main source of laborers, soldiers, and shopkeepers.
Resources are dwindling in the area and solutions need to be discovered to solve this problem. Moving further underground has been one solution. Recent years have seen the rise of adventurers and movers that are trying to change and learn more about the current situation. The council often supports these expeditions.

Boden is located next to the only oasis in the region. It is in the center of a road hub that goes both north, south, and east to other main settlements.
Many miles near the oasis are devoted to farming the only fertile soil. The nearby town of Andere has taken some of the farming burden away from Boden, so the people of Boden can now focus on other trades.
Only the most important buildings in the city are made from the rubble of Sturzen: City Hall, the Academy, temples, and wealthy homes. The vast majority of buildings are made of mud bricks or stone.
Large underground excavation projects have been creating living and storage space for the city during the last century. This helps shelter people and goods from the harsh surface, but dangerous areas have also been found.
The city doesn’t have the resources to create an all encompassing wall, so a wall has only been constructed around the important civic buildings. There are, however, several watchtowers that have been constructed in many locations in the city for defense.
Civilians have several escape routes that go underground in the case of severe weather or attack.

Boden is ruled by a council of three: The Elder, the Master of Commerce, and the Master of Health. The Elder started as the oldest member of the community who led because of his wisdom, but it is now a hereditary position that is held by the oldest male of the family.
The Master of Commerce was added when the population began to diversify in skill and jobs. The Master of Commerce is typically held by a man who is elected every five years. This position oversees trade, business, construction, and defense.
The Master of Health was added when the population began to grow at a faster rate. This position is typically help by a woman who is elected every ten years. The Master of Health oversees agriculture, sanitation, and public health.
Each of these council positions are helped by multiple advisors and assistants that the members choose. Several smaller committees have also been created to help lighten the load of the council members.
There is a formal military that is headed by the Master of Commerce, but it’s day to day activities are run by it’s captains.

Important Places
The City Hall houses the offices of the council members. It is also a general meeting place for the community where both trials and meetings are held.
The Academy is the only formal school in the region. It teaches reading and writing, military strategy, and medicine. Only a very select few are able to attend, and competition is fierce.
There are temples dedicated to the three major religions.

Outside Relations
Boden has tentative control over the region. This is because Boden supplies the most soldiers for defense. Only Bergin is slightly out of this control. Bergin does uphold a similar justice system.
Boden keeps constant communication with Grubul and Ebene through the movement of supplies. Boden typically supplies the defense for these towns as well.


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