Tyrin Thorister

Brooding Sentinel


A young man in his early twenties, wearing dark studded leather, with an agile and athletic build who carries himself with confidence and a sense of duty, yet without any hint of arrogance. Shoulder length wavy black hair and dark brown eyes hint at a possibly dark and confused young man brooding within, coupled with a sense of duty and honor in trying to prove himself not only to his father but himself. This belies his upbringing of being raised by a father who loved him greatly yet never shied away from teaching his sons the hard lessons in life, and the responsibilities of personal duty of a noble family. This strong fatherly influence was a result of never knowing his mother which has left an empty place within him, even though it rarely shows.


Having been raised by a father who once fought many a battle himself, Tyrin was raised with a healthy respect for the art of combat. At a very young age his father required him to train with sword in hand to develop a natural instinct with the blade, lightening quick reflexes, and instinctive movements belying his naturally athletic abilities. It is this upbringing by a noble father that Tyrin now hopes will serve him well as he sets out for a life of his own.

Tyrinn has spent approximately the last year putting his skills to good use at the Western Post located in-between the Barren Mountains and The Block. Tyrin’s athleticism and talents with the sword quickly became obvious to the others, but this also seemed to gain some unwanted rivals. It was there that Tyrin learned the comradery of the “Brotherhood of the Guard” who’s duty it was to protect the western borders of the Oasis Basin.

But recent events have forced Tyrin to regretfully leave this “Brotherhood of the Guard”. Although honor bound to stay, something has forced him to leave. These recent events have led Tyrin to Ebene, the small mining village of 450 near the Barren Mountains, and it’s his dark tales of things seen and heard that have others beginning to take note.

Tyrin Thorister

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