Beast Speaker


My name is Sarkis. I do not know the majority of my childhood for I was adopted. All I can recollect of my real parents is a fight they had with a spotted four-legged cat like beast. I do not know their names, and all I know of their looks is a picture that I have kept close with me for my entire life. This led to my outgoing personality for I knew in order for me to survive on my own; people were going to have to trust me. I made my way to to Eben with Ruzaak in a hunt to find out if anyone knew who my real parents were. I am doubtful for looking at the background of the photo of my parents and I, I believe we lived in some sort of large house up in the trees, surrounded by forests and hills.

Growing up, I was raised by large strong beasts who helped me learn to live off the land and respect the natural settings that surround me. As I tried to keep up with the strength that my new family had, I eventually realized that I would never be as strong as them, and possibly even a completely different creature then them. As I grew up, I turned to the only other thing that I knew and trusted other than my new family, which is nature. As nature started to trust me, creatures and bests of the forest would come to me for help. I would acquire different powers and skills from the natural elements around me as I became more and more selfless. These powers I practiced more and more which led to my path of becoming a druid.

My skills I learn to benefit others or myself if that is for the best of others around me. After I finalized peace and helped these creatures from nature learn to defend themselves and the forests that surround them, I set forth on my path to find out who my real parents were. During my travels towards Eben I ran into Ruzaak who was being attacked and fighting a creature from the forest. I immediately ran up to this creature and calmed him down and was able to charm this creature and escape with Ruzaak to Eben.


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