Atla Jassan

The Run-Away


I’m 22 now. I’m average height for a female, standing at 5’5’. Everything about me is brown. Brown eyes, medium length brown hair, bluntly cut. About 5 months ago, an enemy blade cut a section off during a fight. From there, I just chopped the rest of it off, preferring how careless it was, and also how it literally gave me an edge. My skin is tanned, rough from living on the streets. I am a quiet woman. I got used to being on my own, and I don’t reach out to people often. When I do, it is for my own benefit. People don’t find me stand-offish, but they can tell that I prefer to be alone. Sometimes, though, I do miss having the company of people.


I had a family, at one pint. It was my papa, brother, and I. My mom died when I was young. We had a house in Ebene, just the three of us. We did alright for ourselves, not really rich or well known. Just quiet people. Until a monster raid killed my papa and brother. They were called to arms to defend the town. I was only 15. And from then on, I’ve been alone. I traveled to various towns, hitching a ride with strangers. It was hard trying to live on my own. Eventually, I couldn’t do it. I had to steal to get by. I had to learn to fight quickly, so I wouldn’t become a target. So, here I am. A thief and a rogue, just living by her own rules.

I heard about this quest back to my hometown, and heard about the potential monetary gain. I decided to travel back to Ebene, both to revisit my old home, as well as to try and finally have a stable home again.

Atla Jassan

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