Amain Sastrugi

Mysterious Wanderer


I am Amain, I have no love for elves… My people, and I use this term only because I came of age among them, have branded me a member of the Sastruga. We are outcasts forced into wandering so named because our lives are shaped by the winds we begrudgingly follow. The name of my forefathers, and my right by birth has been stripped away. Stolen, in my eyes, but never mine to begin with in theirs. “Seek the human who sired you, for you are not welcome among us,” were the only parting words deemed worthy of me as I was sent off and with Eldae, my mother and only proponent, departing this world a truer sentiment has doubtless ne’er been said. They may take my name and my home.

They may fell me from their elven graces. They may bully and beguile but I will not submit for the blood of Brass courses through these veins! They are fools and had they bothered to ever truly look at me the glint of the desert sun would have given a keen observer clues to my heritage.

But alas, memories often hold us back and sometimes we must let them fade. So onward I will travel. The father I sought to no avail but perhaps this half brother I have heard speak of holds more promise to a life less than lonely…

Amain Sastrugi

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