A discovery! News spread quickly throughout all of Jargonelle that a tablet beyond age was found deep within the Northern Mine. After much debate, scholars from the Islands Above were given possession of the relic. With the discovery, hope was rekindled in the people once again - this tablet may hold the secrets to their past.
It’s been many months since the discovery, and no answers have been found. The scholars say they haven’t given up, but the people are losing faith. To compound the sense of failure, ambushes on the roads and raids on villages have increased steadily after the tablet was found. Boden, the main supplier of troops, has been stretched thin in an attempt to help the villages under its protection.
Ebene has had the most misfortune of all. The Northern Mine has become a death trap, and their reserves of manpower are running thin. You have been called to Ebene after hearing an urgent plea from its current Mining Committee Chair, Cosai.


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